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The History of Auto Blogs

There was a time when automatic blogs were frowned upon - has times finally changed?

What Are Automatic Blogs:

Automatic blogging started to circulate back in 2009, it was a cencept concived from wordpress plugins like WP Automatic or WP Robot. Both of these plugins would allow bloggers to automate the posting based on various varibles and sources.

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The question has always been raised, argued even, as to whether or not auto blogs could in fact sustain a reasonable passive income. Diversity is the key to rankable auto blogs and if your interested in creating a passive income online from blogging with auto blogs I can show you how.

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Variety is important to keep in mind when dealing with automated blogs. The content is rehashed and not unique, thus it's important that we include a well balanced variety of content. Google will take into favor auto blogs that deliver a great search experience for it's surfers.

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You're probably asking yourself how quality applies to automatic blogs since it's not our content we're dealing with. The answer is simple, the quality I speak of is the quality of the feeds you choose to use. Should you take advantage of my offers you'll be showing how to find quality feeds for any topic you wish.

Mastering Automatic Blogs

Mastering Automatic Blogs

Our team has been creating, maintaining and strategically ranking auto blogs for years using simple strategies unknowing to most bloggers. Ranking on search engines like Google or Bing with content created automatically through auto blogging wasn't easy. We strive to teach you the foundation that is needed to sustain quality, while automating the process. One cannot attempt to rank high in Google search with automatic blogs without first knowing how Google sees automated blog content.

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